6 Tips To Long Lasting Blowouts: Part 1

Anya's Blowout at UCTAre you looking for ways to make your blowout last longer than one day and not go curly after you shower?  As a hairstylist, the problems I hear when it comes to temporarily straightening curly hair always result to 1 common denominator – HEAT DAMAGE.

Heat Damage is one of the most severe threats that can happen to curly hair.  Heat damage is caused by extreme high temperatures entering the hair shaft causing the hair to lose elasticity (weakened or broken keratin), leaving the shape of the hair permanently straight.  Although heat damage is irreversible there are ways to prevent it and still maintain a great blowout for 30 days or more.

Tip 1: Get Your Blowout At A Reputable Salon
When playing with heat, I highly recommend getting your hair flat-ironed at a salon that specializes in blowouts with all textures.  Make sure they have a love for natural curly hair and know how to get curly hair straight without heat damage.  Check their website or Instagram account, ask them what is the process for blowouts. Be sure that they use heat protectant on wet and or dry hair.

Tip 2: Always Deep Treat
You should always deep treat your hair before and after getting a blowout.  If the salon offers deep treatments that is even better, add that service to your blowout.  When heat is added to your hair, moisture is also removed. BUT when you deep treat your hair with a high protein moisturizing treatment, the hair follicle is infused and locked in with yummy goodness.  Depending on the treatment used, it can last up to 6 weeks.

Tip 3: Create A Routine & Set Your Hair
Find a routine that fits your lifestyle.  Are you a person who likes to set your hair at night or in the morning?  Setting straight hair is key to longevity.  You can either set your blowout at night by wrapping or roller setting the hair.

For a morning routine section the hair in 7 parts with your hands or a comb.  Set hair with hot rollers – shower – apply make-up and just before you’re ready to walk out the door, your hair will have bounce and be ready to go.


You can also Hot roller set at night for more body.  Wrap your hair and go to bed.

Tip 4: Let Your Hair Breathe At Night
To avoid sweating on your scalp, it is best to cover your hair with a wrap scarf or a mesh bonnet so that your hair holds in place and is breathable.

Tip 5: No Need To Apply Products Daily
There is absolutely no need for you to apply creams, oils and butters to your hair every day, especially since you followed tip #2: Always Deep Treat.   Reason being that too much product added to your hair shaft will weigh your hair down, encourage dandruff, dirt, sweaty scalp, and product build-up.

Tip 6: Thou Shall Not Flat-iron
So what a few strands got wet, or your curls are starting to revert… those ARE NOT reasons to touch the flat iron! Unnecessary flat-ironing is a major culprit behind heat damage.  When you first get a blowout, your hair will stretch to its maximum length. Applying additional heat again and again will result in permanent loss of elasticity.  If your hair is starting to revert back to curly, try our bonus tip….

Bonus Tip: Create Beach Waves
So you’re at the end of your blowout and your curls are starting to revert back.  You can still get 1 more week in simply by adding a little light leave-in conditioner, flat twisting your hair, then wait for it to dry and voila… you have beautiful stretched out waves.

Check out Anya go into her blow out tips and tricks in the video below!

Let us know: How often do you do a blow out and how long does it last?

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