9 Tips To A Long Lasting Blowout On Natural Hair | Part 2

Are you looking for ways to make your blow out last beyond one day, and not turn into an Afro after you shower?   As a hairstylist, the problems that I listen to when it comes to temporary straightening curly hairalways result into 1 common denominator – HEAT DAMAGE.

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Heat Damage is one of the most severe threats that could happen to curly hair.  Heat damage is caused by extreme high temperature of heat entering the hair shaft causing the hair to lose elasticity (weakened or broken keratin) leaving the shape of the hair permanently straight.  Although heat damage is irreversible there are ways for you to prevent it and still maintain a blowout for 30 days or more. 

Tip 7: Applying Heat Cautiously

Your curls are starting to revert back but only the roots.  You want to get your hair back to being straight again for a few more days.  You can most definitely apply heat to your hair but do with cautiously.  Use a heat protectant, apply a small amount to the area that you will apply heat.  Use a ventilated brush and a blow dryer, working your way through section by section.  Be sure to only apply heat to the roots.

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Tip 8: Moisturizing Straight Hair

Use a moisturizer that has absolutely no liquid ingredient.  My favourite is Alikay Naturals Shea Yogurt Hair moisturizer.  Use a small amount per section, start with the ends and massage the product into the hair shaft up to the roots.  Apply a moisturizer once a week is all your hair needs and be sure to not apply a lot of product in order to avoid the hair from being limp.

Tip 9: Create A Shower Routine

This is where most curly heads fail, due to water seeping through the shower cap, or hair “sweating out” from a really hot shower.  No need to be afraid of taking a shower with your blow out.  In Part II video you will see how to create a shower routine, by setting the hair, placing a hair scarf and double bagging.

Bonus Tip: Create Beach Waves

So you’re at the end of your blow-out and your curls are starting to revert back, you can still get 1 more week in, simply by adding a light leave-in conditioner, flat twist, wait for it to dry, untwist and walaaaa… you have beautiful stretched out waves.


Let us know below: How often do you do a blow out and how long does it usually last?

Article written by: Añya Grant

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