Why Sulfate Shampoos Aren’t Bad ?


Are you struggling to keep a style in your hair? Does your hair seem to attract dirt, dandruff and product buildup soon after washing? Using products for your hair and all of a sudden it just “stop working.”  Experiencing one or many of these problems, more than likely your hair is experiencing product buildup. This may be because your hair and is not breathable.

Hair cuticles also need to be able to absorb moisture to remain hydrated on the inside. If the cuticles become clogged, your hair becomes dry and brittle from the inside, even though you’re conditioning your hair on the outside. You’ll find that you’re fighting dry, frizzy hair, or your hair is limp and lifeless.

A scalp with clogged follicles can lead to scalp ailments if not remedied. Excess oils, dirt, dead skin cells, air pollutants and product build­up on your scalp can become a cozy environment for bacteria to grow. This could lead to scalp conditions such as a dry, itchy scalp, dandruff and psoriasis. It can also lead to an unhealthy scalp that would ultimately slow hair growth and cause hair loss.

If you notice that your hair is no longer responding to your favorite products, it’s time to clean your scalp and hair with a clarifying shampoo. It will improve the health of your hair, plus restore the effectiveness of your regular shampoo and conditioner.

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