About Us

Urban Curls Toronto is a full service salon concept for natural curls and all their hair care needs. Founded in 2015 by Keina Morgan and Charly Belle, with over 30 years of combined hair care experience, our curl experts are the answer for a healthy head of stunning curls.

The road to great hair includes an amazing hairstylist, and our curl experts have the expertise and tools to help you attain your most amazing hair styles. Our services include curl shaping expert devacuts, customized rejuvenating treatments and curl friendly hair colour.

Today the 15% of the world’s population that is blessed with curly hair has access to the know-how, products and experts like us.

Knowledge is power! And our mission is to equip you with all that you need to keep your curls and you happy. Over the years our senior curl expert Keina Morgan has given countless workshops offering winter care tips, best maintenance practices, and product demonstrations. Sharing our curl expertise does not stop there, with special training programs for hairstylists breaking into the field or seasoned stylists looking to broaden their curl understandings.

There was a time when natural curly hair was not given a fair break. The mainstream put more focus on straight hairstyles and care techniques. Maybe you too weren’t sure of the best methods to achieve styles that turned heads for the right reasons. I remember when it was hard to find the right products to nourish, strengthen and define the curls. SO MUCH HAS CHANGED!

Gone are the days of out of control curls, and with so many style options to choose from, there is not reason that we cannot express our individuality, our uniqueness and everything that makes us amazing.

Embrace the diversity of your natural curls, call a curl expert today!

– UCT team